Nicolauto services for Companies

and families


You may have had to reach a place without conventional means (strikes, traffic blocks, etc.) in this case we are the ideal solution! After discovering the quality / price ratio of our rental service, you will choose Nicolauto on other occasions as well. Nicolauto’s driver is a Personal Partner for your travels.

Noleggio auto con conducente
Noleggio auto con conducente per famiglie
we drive your car

  A driver for professionals

Comfort and privacy are our top priority

When someone is used to dealing with lots of stressful tasks at the same time the need for efficiency and privacy is paramount. Nicolauto has therefore made a website that’s available especially for CEOs.

A driver for me, means for you

When going to holiday or to the city

Family mobility means that you could hire an expert driver to take your whole family to vacation, take your loved ones to a hospital appointment or simply go to the city centre without having to worry about limited traffic zones and car parks.


“We Drive your Car”

For elderly people or with a temporary health condition

If an elderly person does not feel like traveling, because he has vision problems, for scheduled visits etc. The We drive your car service is available with only the rental of the driver to your destination.


Nicolauto makes the difference

where do you want to go?

Whether it’s for work or plesaure, Nicolauto will give you an excellent service.

at the fair, at the airport, in the city center?

For a holiday

For a weekend

For Leisure

Nicolauto hire-car service with driver


The word driver will probably remind you to someone who spends the entire day on the road: Our drivers, though, have gained a lot of experience throughout the years and, in addition to their ability to drive any type of vehicle, they are absolutely reliable, making you feel “at home” and relaxed.